"Intrepid Journey, Book One

1855, San Francisco, Maggie's New Stove One of my favorite characters is Maggie. She's a vivacious single woman running a boarding house and eatery. Her life changes when the "special person" in her life persuades her to settle in the rugged Pacific Northwest in Washington Territory and start a bakery business. Here's an excerpt of part of their conversation: “I’m saying I want you to come to the Sound and sell your pies there. You would probably be the only person for miles around who could provide pies like this. Possibly even the entire Territory. There are very few women out there right now. You would have a line of men as long as the post office line here in Frisco waiting to buy a La

My Grandmother's Quilt

For any of you who have started reading my book "Intrepid Journey", you read in "About The Story" about my quilt made for me by my grandmother. Then you read in the "Introduction" the fictional story of the quilt and grandmother based on the real event. Here are three pictures of the quilt. Notice the close-up of the stitching on the white moire taffeta section. Those are my stitches done at a very young age. It looks like I was being creative and trying to stitch a sunrise. You'll see a close-up of the beautiful flower my grandmother stitched.

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