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The Wahkiakum Eagle writes about Lilly Robbins Brock

A visit to talk about Book Two of the "Intrepid Journey" series and to announce that Book Three is now published and available on Amazon.

Cathlamet author's historical saga continues

February 27, 2020

Cathlamet author Lilly Robbins Brock presented the second volume of her Bennett Family Saga during a visit to the Cathlamet Public Library last Saturday.

Inspired by research into her own family's history, Brock is telling the story of immigrants arriving in 19th century America, making their way by steamship to the west coast, first San Francisco and then to Puget Sound.

The first volume of the series, Intrepid Journey: An Untamed Frontier, tackles that story. Volume 2, Intrepid Journey: Perils in Paradise, takes up the story in 1855 and focuses first on hostilities between the white settlers and the native Americans and explores the history of this region.

Brock said she has been able to find on the internet much original material in her research which enables her to describe characters' emotions, the environment they experience, and even the minor details they must address in their travels and interactions with the people they meet.

Brock publishes her books through Amazon. Following her research, she writes; friends read and comment; she rewrites; an editor goes to work, and Brock rewrites again, and finally the book is ready to go to press. A third volume in the saga, Intrepid Journey: A New Dawn, has just become available on Amazon, and a fourth is in the works.

Brock has previously published two books focusing on veterans. Her first book is about a WWII veteran and Longview resident Maury Hooper, who served in the Pacific, her next book will be about a veteran who served in Europe.

Brock's books are also available in the Cathlamet library.

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